“"Beautiful and well done! the stories of the Virgin Harvest
must not be ignored!" – Oliver Stone

Feature Length Documentary
Press Kit: The Virgin Harvest
Director: Charles Kiselyak
Executive Producer: Amit Kort
Producers: Guy Jacobson, Adi Ezroni
Produced by: Charles Kiselyak, Betsy Hart

After decades of civil war, Cambodia's proud ancient culture has been shattered and the family base has been broken. In this gap, a flourishing child trafficking industry has evolved.

The Virgin Harvest's HD camera and undercover equipment reveal the warped reality in which children are sold and smuggled across borders in order to entertain pedophiles from around the world.

The girls tell their intimate and chilling stories with the sensitive help of two remarkable women who have risked their lives in order to fight the sex trade: Nobel Prize nominee, Mrs. Mu Sochua, and Somaly Mam, head of AFESIP Cambodia, once a victim herself.. Both experience extraordinary emotional moments as the stories unfold.

Cameras follow 20-year-old Reena as she rescues her 13-year-old sister, Sokha, from a brothel. Sokha is clearly detached from reality after being raped and drugged continuously for many months.

13-year-old Sereum was sold for her virginity at age nine to a Japanese businessman and then dumped into a brothel. We watch as she learns how she was sold and follow her to where she has been.

These and other heart wrenching stories intertwine to create a powerful and intimate journey into the lives of the victims as they are rescued, as they confront the families who sold them.

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