Feature Length Documentary/Television Series
Press Kit: The K11 Journey
Directed by: Charles Kiselyak, Daniel Kedem
Executive Producer: Amit Kort
Producers: Guy Jacobson, Adi Ezroni
Produced by: Betsy Hart, Daniel Kedem

The K11 Journey is three intense years caught on tape of the stories and difficulties of a group of international filmmakers trying to expose the explosive subject matter of child trafficking and child prostitution in one of the most dangerous and corrupt countries in the world. The K11 Journey follows the project's two teams as they struggle to capture the terrifying reality of the sex trade in South East Asia. At the same time, the crew's own artistic and technical skills are challenged in this extraordinary endeavor.

"Producers replace prostitutes in Svay Pac" - Shout the headlines of The Cambodia Daily , underlining the surrealism of the K11 Project. K11, a.k.a Svay Pak, notorious for being a haven for pedophiles from around the world becomes... a film set! The real brothels/sex slave cells are the locations and girls which up to a few weeks ago served customers are now paid extras in the narrative film.

Equipment is stuck at the borders as ransom - On the scheduled first week of shooting, Guy Jacobson (Producer) and Guy Moshe (Director) try to negotiate with the chinese mafia to free the equipment trucks that are held hostage across the Thai border. After millions change hands, the trucks cross the border safely and the shoot begins.

...Meanwhile the Documentary crew risk their lives - The documentary crew gains access to the most incredible heart wrenching stories. BUT, even mentioning a connection to the narrative film would put the crew's life in danger. The two crews cannot stay at the same hotels and barely communicate via cell phones for fear they are tapped. On one occasion, the two crews sit at the same restaurant but do not exchange a single word in order not to raise suspicion.

The sweet agony of a low budget independent production - The cameras have been rolling since the very first fund raising presentation. This is a sneak peek into everything that has to do with producing a low budget film project - From financing, investor relations, finalizing script to budget, personality clashes, stress and triumph.

The K11 Journey is the fascinating story of an international group of people risking their lives in order to expose a pressing social issue to the world. From their clashes with organized crime and local authorities to their personal and professional challenges while shooting in one of the poorest and most corrupt countries in the world, their mission becomes the viewer's as well.

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